Bathukamma Songs Celebrations In Telangana

bathukamma Songs

Some About Batukmam

Bathukamma Songs Yavva is a regional festival celebrated by women in the Telangana state of India, this Batukam festival is celebrated in the entire Telangana region for nine days beginning from the date of Amavasya of Shalivahan Samvat.

The flowers of the Gopuram temple are made from seven layers. In Telugu, bathukamma Songs download means, Goddess mother is alive. Bathukamma is worshiped as Mahagauri on this day. This festival is celebrated as a woman’s honor.

Similar to Batukmem, Bodemma festival is celebrated in Telangana, which is a festival of Gauri Puja which is celebrated for seven days, which is celebrated by virgin girls.

Bathukamma Songs


Bathukamma songs
Bathukamma songs

The main territories of the ceremony

Baitukamma Festival is an Autumn Festival and is celebrated by the Hindu women of Andhra Pradesh’s Telangana region.

Celebration time (months)

This festival is celebrated by women of less backward castes. It starts on the first day of the lunar month with the Awadhiyaaja and ends with Mahamwam Dussehra a day before and is called as Durgashtami. This festival falls in the month of September / October

About the festival

Bitukamma has arranged a beautiful flower stack, thickened with seasonal flowers in seven layers. Bathukamma is derived from the word (Bathuku + amma). Bathuku means living in Telugu / meaning in life and the word Amma means mother, hence the Baitukamma people are celebrated by women of lower castes, marked as Gauri Devi in it. Celebrated for glory.

bathukamma Songs
bathukamma Songs

On this day, the woman of every household wears traditional silk saris by bathing and after wearing ornaments, various types of flowers such as Gunuka, Tangredi, Kamal, Alli, Katla, in the shape of a stupa, a variety of reeds or bamboo or bronze The top goddess in the plate and turmeric establishes on Lakshmi. After worship, it is placed in a corner of a room.

In the evening, all the women gather in their area together with their children, and dance all around the place by keeping all the restless people together in one place, synchronizing more steps and applause in one voice, and singing soul songs by enthusiastically singing songs

The woman dances around her bedroom and dances, she takes a nearby lake or lake and dances and takes some other time to take her in the water after singing and dancing.

This festival lasts for nine days and on the last day of the festival, it is called Chaddula.

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The conclusion of Bathukamma songs

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